Brand Ambassador Staffing

What can brand ambassadors do for you?

We’re glad you asked! Ace Models‘ brand ambassadors are cream-of-the-crop talent that expertly showcases the businesses of our clients. They answer questions from the public, demonstrate products and invite people to learn more about each branch. They’re an extension of your company, acting as ambassadors to the brand you represent.

Why Do You Need Brand Ambassador Event Staffing?

As your premier brand ambassador agency, Ace Models is proud to provide talent for all types of events, from in-store product demonstrations to models for major conferences.

When you’re at events, you’re busy running from one place to another, scheduling meetings, and trying to adhere to all the logistics that are necessary to make the show run smoothly. Maybe you don’t have time to talk to potential customers, but you certainly don’t want to send your audience away without any information about your business. This is where brand ambassadors come into play.

Our brand ambassador service provides professionals who:

  • Learn about your brand
  • Connect with your audience
  • Answer questions from attendees
  • Provide information that will help people learn more about your company when the show ends
  • Demonstrate how your products and services work in real time
  • Humanize your brand by providing names and faces

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are people who are naturally personable. They represent your brand beside you or for you while you tend to the million other details demanding your attention at trade shows, product demos and conferences. They’re professionals who put their best faces forward to showcase the products and services you have to offer to audiences — whether it’s an in-store demonstration or a weeklong event that draws thousands of people to your vendor booth.

In other words, brand ambassadors are an extension of your company. Their job is to engage your audience, and Ace Models’ job is to ensure you’re getting the kind of high-quality talent you expect to be the face of your brand.

Benefits of Hiring Brand Ambassadors

Because brand ambassadors enable customers to interact with the chosen individuals who represent your brand, they help bolster trust. People are far more likely to remember your company’s name and think highly of your business when they’ve had positive, real-life interactions with your representatives. They insight trust and are often social media-ready — meaning they’re available for selfies and photo ops that could easily lend themselves to free advertising for your organization.

Brand ambassadors are there to answer questions and help people navigate your service offerings when you’re otherwise occupied with your duties. They ensure nobody leaves the area without the information they might have been seeking, and they often provide answers to questions that audience members didn’t even realize they had.

Take the Next Step With Us

If you want to put your brand in front of an audience, you need brand ambassadors who can capture people’s attention and make your products and services known to the masses. You need Ace Models. Contact us today.


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