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When it comes to putting on a show, you need all the help you can get. That’s why Ace Models is here! Our models are trained in attracting the public’s eye, welcoming guests and talking about brands as though they’re their own companies. After all, you’re our partner, which means your business is our business.

If you have an event or item in need of promotion, Ace Models can staff it. We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Brand Ambassadors who can introduce people to the products and services you offer in real life
  • Event Staffing Services for annual events and major conferences where you need to impress donors, customers and executives
  • In-store Product Demos so people can see and learn the ins and outs of your brand
  • Influencer Marketing whereby we embrace the power of the social sphere to get people talking about your company — long before they even learn how much they love your brand
  • Experiential Marketing that puts the power of brand awareness right in front of people so they can touch, see and even taste your brand
  • Planning & Fulfillment so you don’t have to worry about the difficult details; we handle it all for you
  • Trade Show Staffing that ensures you can mix and mingle with people without ever missing the opportunity to get your company noticed by passersby
  • Promotional Models who are attractive, approachable and everything that invites people to your booth, store and more
  • Contract & Direct Hire who walk the walk and talk the talk in ways that increase brand awareness and drive consumer engagement
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Models who walk the walk and talk the talk in ways that increase brand awareness and drive consumer engagement
  • Model Management so you’re not stuck dealing with staffing issues and keeping your roster full when you have thousands of other items to check off your list — leave that to us
  • Print & Catalog Modeling that assures your products look just as great on paper (or online) as they do in real life

With Ace Models’ premium event staffing services, we handle all of your needs, from beginning to end. Let us welcome the crowd right to your door with our personable and social media-ready models. If you want to hire Ace Models, we’re ready to put our best faces forward. Connect with our team today!

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