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TradeShow5 Tips to Maximize Engagement at Trade Shows

5 Tips to Maximize Engagement at Trade Shows

Are you looking to come out of your next trade show with the most engagement possible? Of course, you are! What a silly question, right? 

But how do you succeed in getting that engagement? Here are five tips to maximize your engagement at trade shows. 

Tailor Your Message to the Event  

Every event is different and attracts different audiences. It is crucial to connect with that target demographic and integrate your brand and message with that of the trade show. The people at the show need to know that your business aligns with them. If you tailor some of your marketing material toward the audience, you will see more engagement. 

Create a Need for Visitors to Learn More 

While tailoring your message to attract those at the event, you also need to find a way to push your potential customers to learn more about your company and products. 


Your booth needs to be organized to attract visitors and present information. Make sure visitors can access what they need and want quickly. Remember, personal interaction is key. 

Create An Interactive Experience  

Swag is great. We all love it, but you need to offer more than swag. You need to create an interactive experience and swag that helps you remember that experience. 

Design a unique setup as different from other booths as possible. This helps attract visitors to your area and fuels talk around the show about how great your area is! 

Have items for visitors to touch and product demonstrations. Keep your visitors engaged and entertained. 

Bring the Right Staff 

Your booth and setup will bring the visitors in, but your staff is a significant component in trade show engagement. You need to have the right people representing your brand and company. 

This is where hiring a brand ambassador or model can take your business to the next level. Ace Models can help you find the right brand ambassador or model for your next trade show. They have a proven track record of driving engagement and sales at events and shows. 

Additionally, brand ambassadors attract visitors to your area without harassing them. That is a key aspect of their job. And once they attract, they have the knowledge to interact with the visitor.  

Have Fun 

Keep things fun and personable while at the trade show. Everyone is there to build connections, but they want to do that in a fun and interactive way.  


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