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TradeShowThe Right Brand Ambassador: Find Talent For Your Brand
How to Find the Right Brand Ambassador Talent for Your Brand

The Right Brand Ambassador: Find Talent For Your Brand

Selecting the right brand ambassador for your trade show is essential. It requires experience to get the right fit for your company. When you find the right model, your company is likely to see a boost in customer traffic and sales. However, hiring the wrong ambassador will mean wasting resources, namely time and money. To secure a successful future for your business, it is crucial to attracting premier ambassadors capable of executing your vision and maintaining the level of excellence you have come to expect.  

The benefits associated with finding the right brand ambassador talent include: 

  • Better ambassadors increase productivity 
  • Great ambassadors set the standard for the success of your company 
  • The ambassadors you hire attract other top-notch talents 

The talent at Ace Models is sent to events across the country. When it comes to trade shows, nobody tackles the task like Ace Models’ staff.  Their role is to increase the interest of attendees and engage them with the products or services of the companies they represent. In addition to working the floor and putting a face to brands’ names, they work with the sales reps at events to procure qualified leads that will go further down the sales funnel. 

Trade show temporary staffing

Trade show temporary staffing is a great fit for many companies because the hustle and bustle that goes on during trade shows can be overwhelming, often pulling exhibitors in different directions for the duration of the show. When you have your booth or exhibit staffed by professionals, you never have to worry about missing a potential customer or leaving your space vacant. Those brand ambassadors are acting on your behalf for as long as you need them. 

Trade show representatives perform numerous tasks, including: 

  • Facilitating promotional games 
  • Posing for social media photos 
  • Generating qualified leads 
  • Creating a first impression of a brand 
  • Drawing attention directly to an exhibit space 
  • Demonstrating products or services 
  • Handing out product samples 

In short, they’re your direct line to your soon-to-be customers. Acting as a representative of your company, your convention staffing personnel will step up to the plate and engage with your audience as though they work directly for you (but without the overhead costs associated with adding extra heads to your payroll). When the convention is finished, you could have a pocketful of qualified leads and a group of people who were glad to engage with your business. 

Optimize Your Job Post for the right brand ambassador

For the right brand ambassadors to notice your job posting, you should use the right keywords to target the best in the industry. Most job seekers use search engines to browse for jobs, and using the right keywords will enable qualified candidates to apply.  

Most companies have an online presence and thus the need to optimize their job post to attract the right brand ambassador. Ensure your landing page showcases positions that need to be filled. Optimize the landing page’s URL, titles, and page tags while ensuring you use keywords to drive top prospects to your job post.  

Place Your Job Post in Online Communities

You will get the best brand ambassador candidates if you look in the right places. However, posting your job advertisement in a general community will get you candidates with a general set of skills. The more specific your post is, the more likely you are to receive inquiries from qualified candidates. 


A niche job site is a great option when you are looking for a specific talent since they are industry-focused. So, if you are looking to hire a brand ambassador for a special event, post your ad on a niche job site to find qualified candidates. 

Make Use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Sifting through many applications to find the right brand ambassador can be a long and difficult process. However, an Applicant Tracking System can help you find the right candidate faster. The ATS software will scan CVs for relevant SEO terms you used in your job post, filtering out irrelevant applicants. Finding the right brand ambassadors to match with certain events can take a while, so the more candidates you are able to weed out due to lack of qualifications will streamline the entire process.  


It is always important to check references as it is one of the most basic yet major steps in finding the right brand ambassadors for your products and services. Past performance always shows an ambassador’s suitability for a particular role and responsibilities. Therefore, conducting thorough reference checks will save the cost and time invested in the probation period or training. 

Don’t Rely Solely on Your Instincts 

Some hiring managers may follow their instincts when picking a potential hire. This may not always be effective as your instincts might deceive you. Fortunately, there are online tools that can help you assess each candidate.   

It’s important to use scientific assessment tools, such as a psychometric test, since they have high predictive validity that can analyze how personality can affect performance. These tools can also help interviewers match their findings with the assessment reports to reduce candidates’ chances of faking their personalities. 

Consider an Outside Opinion when considering the right brand ambassador

Are you hiring for a position outside your area of expertise? Get help from someone in that field! A second opinion from an expert will give you a new perspective and help you source the right brand ambassadors as you view candidates using a different approach. They are also able to assist you in knowing the right questions to ask and help you evaluate the applications, ensuring you get the right fit for the vacant position. 

Find Vetted Ambassadors 

Another great way to find experienced ambassadors is by vetting ambassadors through networks and previous collaborations. One option to consider is using vetted ambassadors for special events and using others on a one-off basis until they have proven their worth. Over time, you should have a thoroughly vetted list of top brand ambassadors you can rely on for many events.  

Put the Ambassadors to the Test 

To better analyze the performance of a recent hire, place them on a probationary period. This will help you see how the candidates work before they become full-time employees. A probationary period will help you evaluate how good of a fit an employee is. However, remember that this approach is not suitable for every business. For instance, a smaller company and team might not handle the burden of contractors coming in and out.  

Key Takeaways 

Bringing the right talent on board is one of the key components to boosting a company’s productivity. Without the right brand ambassadors at your side, a business cannot grow and transform. Therefore, it is important to follow the above tips to ensure you only get the best talent for your company.  


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