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TradeShowHow to Quickly Train Your Brand Ambassador  
How to Quickly Train Your Brand Ambassador

How to Quickly Train Your Brand Ambassador  

Now that you found the perfect fit, you will now have to train your brand ambassador to represent your company best. Trust in your brand increases when consumers know more about your business. Companies build awareness of their brand by hiring and then properly training a brand ambassador.

Brand awareness is measured by how well a consumer can recall your brand name, service, or product and whether they recognize characteristics of your brand, such as a logo or jingle. Therefore, building brand awareness is essential to your business goals, as brands with higher consumer recognition traditionally earn more revenue.  


What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?  

A brand ambassador is the embodiment of a brand. It is their job to broadcast the brand in a positive light online and offline. Some things a brand ambassador does are:  

  • Perform product demos  
  • Increase foot traffic to the trade show booth  
  • Build new customer relationships  
  • Represent your business at trade shows   
  • Answer consumer questions  
  • Word-of-mouth information for your brand  
  • Share content on social media   
  • Pass out marketing material  
  • Create a fun and memorable experience   
  • Increase and pre-qualify your leads  
  • Wear branded uniforms and merchandise  

Ultimately, they are the recognizable face that actively highlights the brand to consumers, the person customers turn to for essential questions, and someone who actively showcases the brand both online and in person. They also allow your employees already at the trade show to cover more ground.  

Finding Your Brand Ambassador  

Selecting your brand ambassador begins by asking yourself what you want from the model. Do you need them to present at trade shows? Do you need a social media influencer? You may be looking for a particular skill set in your model or a specific look. Brand ambassadors are not one size fits all. They need to fit your brand and strategy.  

Our models work in various capacities beyond standing around and looking good. They can meet and greet trade show visitors, conduct sales presentations and product displays, and answer questions. They take an active approach to talking about your business and brand. It would be best if you chose a model with experience in your field and your business. This person will have no problem sharing and talking about your brand or acting as an influencer on behalf of your business.  

Whatever your needs, our staff at Ace Models will help you find the right fit for whatever your business needs. We have an extensive and professional modeling network throughout the United States that can take your brand and trade show experience to the next level.  

Now that you have some prospects for your Brand Ambassador Program, how do you train them?  

How do you Train Your Brand Ambassador Quickly?  

Training your brand ambassadors should be easy if you prepare accordingly. It is best to give the model enough lead time to become well-versed in your business. There are instances, however, when models need to get up to speed before a trade show quickly. This is where you need to be clear and intentional when setting up your ambassador program and have plenty of quick information for the models.  

Have a Handbook  

The quickest way to train your brand ambassadors would be to be a guide. A guide or handbook should outline your expectations and the terms and conditions of your brand ambassador program.  

Terms and Conditions. Pretty self-explanatory and lays out the rules that the model must follow and respect while in your ambassador program.   

Information on your brand. While most people might know the general idea of your brand, your brand ambassadors should be more informed than the general population.  

Information on their role. Be sure to let them know their role in brand awareness and how it impacts your brand.  

Style Guides and Inspiration. Style Guides are a terrific way to keep your brand image consistent. You should also inspire brand ambassadors if they need more ideas.  

Set Goals for Your Ambassadors  

Turn your ambassador program into a rewards program. People love to win prizes. Set short-term or monthly goals for your ambassadors to reach to keep your ambassadors motivated. Some small rewards they might enjoy are gift cards, lunches, free products, and exclusive or early access. Showing appreciation to your brand ambassadors keeps their motivation flowing.  

Closing Thoughts  

Brand ambassadors play a big part in your brand awareness, so be sure to keep them motivated and with a clear expectation of what their job is and how they can best complete it.  

Remember, ambassadors are the embodiment of your brand and business. They are who your consumer trusts to lead them in the right direction (to your business). Because your consumer needs to trust you and your brand, your brand ambassadors must be truthful and unfiltered. Meaning do not use scripts. Let your brand ambassadors speak positively about your business in their own words; that way, it is more authentic.  


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