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Brand AmbassadorMistakes You May Be Making with Your Brand Ambassador

Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Brand Ambassador

Hiring the right brand ambassador can boost your sales and experience at events and trade shows. However, the wrong ambassador, coupled with mistakes like having unrealistic goals and not understanding your target demographic, can sink your ROI.


Below are seven mistakes to avoid with your brand ambassador.


Having a Complicated Ambassador Program


Think about the saying, “the more you have to think, the less productive you are”. The saying basically means if you overcomplicate a process, the chances of success are smaller. The same is true for your brand ambassador. If your ambassador program is too complicated and has too much information to digest, the less likely your ambassador will successfully assist your brand.


You want clear expectations and guidelines for your models. This includes brand education so they can quickly get up to speed and lay out their KPIs.


Waiting Until the Last Minute to Hire an Ambassador


You want to ensure that your model is hired well before your trade show. Suppose you wait until the last minute to begin the search. In that case, you will face several consequences, including overpaying, selecting the wrong model, or not leaving enough time for the model to educate themselves on your brand and products.


To that end, another thing to avoid is dragging out the hiring process. Commit as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the greater the chance your desired model moves elsewhere.


Your Brand Isn’t Fresh


You don’t want your brand or message to be outdated. Not only does this reflect poorly on your business, but it also makes it harder for your brand ambassador to succeed at their job and drive engagement.


You will need to make sure your brand has the right look and feel to outshine your competitors. Be creative and give your model a new activity with trade show attendees or a challenge to achieve. You will need to study which social media platforms are most crucial to your brand’s success.


You Don’t Carefully Select Your Brand Ambassador and Undervalue Their Worth 


Don’t kid yourself; brand ambassadors play a significant role in whether your event is a success. They can provide a considerable return on investment.


With that said, study your budget and see what your business can afford. You want the best bang for your buck regarding the ambassador you select.


Carefully review the qualifications of each model. Conduct an interview and get a feel for their personality.


Attempt to answer the following questions:


What special skills do they have?

What is their overall experience?

How do they stand out from the crowd?

Does their personality mesh with your business?


Your Program Doesn’t Have the Flexibility for Creativity 


You have hired the model. Now let them do their job. Give them simple instructions, some brand and product education, and their KPIs, and let them work. Many models and ambassadors already have a significant following on social media and know exactly how to get the best engagement. You want to set up guidelines but allow them the creative freedom to communicate your message to the masses.


Not Understanding Who Your Target Demographic Is


Nobody wins when you are trying to reach the wrong audience. For example, if your brand or product generates engagement from women aged 24-54, you don’t want to set brand guidelines or hire a model for men aged 18-24. That is not your target demographic. Know who your customers are and hire accordingly.


Having Unrealistic Goals


Setting KPIs is essential but not as important as setting realistic ones. The goals of your brand ambassador should be realistic and attainable.

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